Senate Majority fails to take up bill that eliminates taxes on overtime

Last week, the Majority failed Illinoisans’ by refusing to take up and hear critical legislation in loom of a committee deadline, said State Senator Neil Anderson.

One of those bills includes Senate Bill 2162, which Sen. Anderson filed to help alleviate the tax burden on hard working Illinoisans. The bill would deduct state income taxes on overtime wages.

“Illinois residents should not be taxed more for working more,” said Sen. Anderson. “This bill provides actual relief for those who work long hours.”

An individual who works overtime under this bill will still have state income taxes withheld from their paycheck; however, when the person files their taxes, they will receive a deduction on their return representing the amount of taxes paid on overtime wages.

“Hard working people need a break and we should be able to give them one. We’re not taking away any tax money from the government, we just simply would not be adding additional taxes to their hard-earned money.”

This is not the first time Sen. Anderson has filed legislation similar to this bill. He says he will continue to be an advocate for the hard-working men and women of his district.

Sen. Anderson has filed a request asking that the committee extend the deadline to hear his bill.

Neil Anderson

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