Sen. Anderson reacts to additional 150-day extension on expired FOID cards, CCLs

State Senator Neil Anderson releases the following statement in response to the recently approved 150-day extension for Illinoisans whose Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) cards or Concealed Carry Licenses (CCLs) have expired due to a huge backlog within the State Police’s renewal system.

“I appreciate the effort being put forth to ensure that those with expired FOID cards and CCLs have a valid license during this massive backlog,” said Sen. Anderson. “However, this is simply just a band aid to a much larger problem across our state. Illinois places some of the most burdensome requirements on our law abiding citizens who are seeking to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.  The FOID Card Act is one of those burdens in which I have tried to ease for state residents. It is time for the legislature to step in and make advancements to this very outdated process.”


Sen. Anderson gives further reaction to the ongoing FOID card issues in our state.

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Neil Anderson

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