Anderson opposes legislation that takes aim at Second Amendment Rights

State Senator Neil Anderson is opposing the most recent attempt by those in the Majority to push controversial legislation in a so-called attempt to ‘curb’ offenses with firearms.

Last week, a Chicagoland Democrat took aim at Illinoisans’ Second Amendment rights by filing House Bill 4156. The legislation, also referred to as the “Protecting Heartbeats Act,” could allow Illinois residents to take civil action against gun manufactures, importers, and dealers who firearms are involved in injury or death in the state.

“The root of the crimes falls directly at the feet of criminals who already refuse to follow the law. This proposal won’t stop those perpetrating violent offenses,” said Senator Anderson. “Instead this bill would place an unnecessary liability on our gun retailers and manufactures.”

Currently under federal law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act shields gun manufacturers and dealers from most lawsuits so that they cannot be held liable if their guns are used in a crime. This legislation would remove those protections and open the door for gun shops and manufactures to be held liable for circumstances beyond their control.

“This is a backdoor attempt to take away our guns and close down gun manufacturers,” said Sen. Anderson. “Yet again, law abiding gun owners have been unfairly targeted under the guise of ending ‘gun crimes’. But in reality, this is just another brutal and unconstitutional attack on our Second Amendment rights.”

The House sponsor has indicated that she wants this proposal to be brought for consideration during scheduled veto session later this month. House Bill 4156 was filed on Sept. 28.

Neil Anderson

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