Anderson: Newly passed energy bill violates property owners’ rights and flips the script on clean energy

State Senator Neil Anderson has released the following statement regarding the Senate passage of the Energy Omnibus Bill:

“For the last two years, I have been a part of energy negotiations and instead of doing what’s best for the consumers, the Majority Party is more interested in pleasing special interest groups.

“Instead of giving a hand-up to our clean energy sector today, a hand-out was given to those advocating for renewable energy, which subsidizes our most cleanest energy through nuclear power with inefficient sources like wind and solar.

“To make matters worse, this legislation grants eminent domain to a private company. Property owners will be forced to give up their land and livelihoods to a for-profit company. This is a clear violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution and is just plain wrong.

“But our state leaders aren’t concerned about infringing on your rights, they’re laser focused on appeasing special interest groups and making you pay for it.

“Instead of funding weak inefficient sources of power, we should build more nuclear plants, create more good paying labor jobs, and keep not only feeding the baseload power of our state but other states too. It’s time we stop negotiating on a false premise and do what’s best for the consumer.”

Neil Anderson

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