Anderson reacts to Budget Address

State Senator Neil Anderson released the following statement after Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s 2021 Budget Address:

“Our economy is hurting from the government-forced shut downs and the unbalanced budget that the Governor signed in 2020.  We need a plan that makes the state spend within its means, just like the families of this state have to do, and puts people back to work.

“Instead, the Governor has proposed a spending plan that is $1.7 billion out of whack-a budget that diverts money from much-needed road construction and infrastructure projects and the thousands of jobs that those projects would provide.

“In addition, he wants to get rid of much-needed, bipartisan tax incentives that continue to grow good-paying jobs, including the bipartisan Blue Collar Jobs Act that provides incentives to revitalize our most disadvantaged communities.

Now, more than ever, the members of the General Assembly need to take the opportunity to reject this reckless proposal and work together to make the tough decisions necessary to pass a balanced budget that helps working people and businesses get back on their feet.”


Neil Anderson

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