Gov. signs Anderson bill allowing schools to supply undesignated glucagon

This week, the Governor signed legislation, sponsored by State Senator Neil Anderson, allowing schools across the state to store an undesignated supply of glucagon to treat students with diabetes.

Under the new law, undesignated glucagon must be stored in a location immediately accessible to a school nurse or a designated care aid who can administer it to a student if authorized and if the student’s prescribed glucagon is not available on-site or expired. After the administration of undesignated glucagon, a school must immediately notify the student’s parent, guardian or emergency contact.

“This new law will ensure that our children are receiving the medical care they need when they are away from home,”said Sen. Neil Anderson (RAndalusia). “For parents with diabetic children, the fear of them having an emergency situation at school is constant. This law seeks to give them peace of mind in knowing that the school has access to this life-saving drug.”

“This measure will ensure that nurses in schools across the state can continue to put the lives of their students first, by implementing best practice for the health and safety of every student with diabetes,” said Rep. Mike Halpin (D-Rock Island).

House Bill 822 takes effect immediately.



Neil Anderson

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