Anderson: Huge victory for 36th District under Capital Plan

During the extended legislative session on Sunday, June 2, the Illinois Senate approved of a capital plan that will greatly benefit the residents of the 36th Senate District. State Senate Neil Anderson released the below statement following its passage.

“This capital plan is a much-needed investment for Illinois and is a win for the 36th District. Anyone who drives the roads or attends our universities knows that a sustainable solution to our infrastructure is a must.

“This package includes nearly $125 million for construction and capital improvement projects for Western Illinois University and $225 million for the Quad Cities high speed rail project, among many roads projects across the district.

“While I recognize this package is not perfect, constituents can rest assured that when they fill up their gas tanks, that money is going straight toward paying for transportation-related projects. Thanks to the lock box amendment, which I was proud to sponsor, no longer can Springfield take that money away for other purposes.

“While not an easy vote by any means, it was one that was necessary for the people of my district. In a border district, such as mine, this was a vote I couldn’t afford not to make.”

Neil Anderson

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