Sen. Anderson: Gun dealer licensing bill detrimental to law-abiding dealers

New regulations will not prevent crimes

State Senator Neil Anderson releases the below statement regarding Governor J.B. Pritzker’s decision to sign Senate Bill 337 into law. SB 337 is a controversial gun dealer licensing bill that was passed during the 100th General Assembly, but held for seven months by the sponsor under a procedural motion.

“The State of Illinois has more gun regulations than just about any other state, and now we’re adding even more,” said Sen. Anderson. “This new law will be detrimental to the numerous law-abiding gun stores in my district, who already follow federal regulations. Senate Bill 337 places a hard financial burden on our smaller gun stores—demanding high licensing fees, containing high fines, and mandating electronic based record keeping. The additional and duplicative regulations found in this bill won’t prevent gun crimes. The change will only make it harder for gun dealers who already follow the law to stay in business.”

Neil Anderson

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