Legislation Advances for Better Access to Workforce Development Programs

Legislation advanced this week aims to boost workforce development efforts in Illinois by providing a comprehensive system for assessing the success of state-funded economic development programs and resources.

Senate Bill 2907, filed by Senator Dave Syverson, creates the Illinois Job Training and Workforce Development Transparency Act. The Republican-sponsored legislation requires the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, in coordination with affected state agencies, to compile a detailed report encompassing all state-funded job training and workforce development programs in Illinois. 

The report would contain information regarding job training programs, including:

  • The name of the state agency that appropriated this funding.
  • The name of the job training program and funding source.
  • The name and location of organizations receiving funding.
  • Population and demographics served by the organization receiving funding.
  • Outcomes of the job training programs, including:
    • Number of participants enrolled.
    • Demographic breakdown of participants.
    • Types of training provided.
    • Duration of training programs.
    • Employment placement rates.
    • Wage growth and advancement for program participants.
    • Retention rates in the workforce.

Senate Bill 2907 was passed by the Senate on April 11 and will now be sent to the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration. 

Neil Anderson

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