Senator Anderson files bill promoting education transparency

State Senator Neil Anderson (R-Andalusia) is calling for more transparency in the classroom through Senate Bill 2772, requiring schools to list learning materials and curriculum details on district websites. 

“Parents should know what their children are being taught in school, so they can serve as an active participant in their child’s education. Imagine, as a parent, knowing that your sixth grader is going to be learning about rocket ships and being able to really talk to them about it because you’ve seen their course materials,” said Senator Anderson.

Senate Bill 2772 would require school boards to generate a list of learning materials and activities that will be taught during each school year on the district’s website.

Senator Anderson presented his legislation at a Capitol press conference on Thursday.

“Every year teachers throughout the state put a huge amount of time and effort into building out the curriculum they will use to educate our kids,” said Senator Anderson. “Because so much of what our children are taught is planned months in advance it should be easy to make that curriculum available to parents.”

The bill would require school boards to update information on their website by January 1 and August 1 of every school year. The material must still publicly be available until the next report for the year is completed and posted.

Neil Anderson

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