Senator Anderson calls migrant crisis hypocritical

With thousands of migrants staking their claim in Illinois, State Senator Neil Anderson is calling on Governor JB Pritzker and state and federal democrats to prioritize tax-paying residents who are legal U.S. Citizens.

“This administration has made it clear that the hard-working law-abiding citizens of our state don’t matter,” said Senator Anderson. “While our state’s residents are already struggling with reduced incomes and increased prices for daily needs like food and clothing, this Governor is spending billions of dollars of their taxpayer money on people who aren’t citizens of this country.”

In 2023, Governor Pritzker passed the largest budget in state history. Since the Governor took office, spending on immigrant programs has gone from roughly one million per year to more than a billion. Estimates show that a program championed by the Governor to provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants is already well over a half a billion dollars per year.

“Young families can’t afford to buy a house, and certainly can’t afford to house people who this Governor invited to come here, said Senator Anderson. “Hell, some of our state’s residents can’t even afford healthcare for themselves and now were giving it out for free to people who are here illegally.”

Senator Anderson calls Governor’s Pritzker’s criticism of other Governors sending migrants to the state hypocritical after the administration proudly encouraged immigrants to come to the state for taxpayer-funded support.

While Senate Republicans have filed numerous pieces of legislation to bring relief to Illinois residents, democrats are more focused on promoting extreme leftist ideologies and policies. In fact, Gov. Pritzker has been traveling the country building his public profile alongside President Joe Biden, promoting a new advocacy group focusing on access to abortion rights.

“It’s time for Governor Pritzker to ‘Think Illinois,’” said Senator Anderson. “Instead of welcoming immigrants to our state, his focus should remain on solving the multiple ongoing humanitarian crises in Illinois due to his administration’s failing state agencies that have continued to let down our state’s at-risk children, developmentally disabled community and veterans,” said Senator Anderson. “My priority continues to be to helping struggling Illinois families by not bailing out politicians whose reckless policies have finally come home to roost. There is no more water in the well. Illinois families can’t afford another tax hike to pay for the migrant crisis.”

Neil Anderson

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