Sen. Anderson responds to the State’s Budget Address

State Senator Neil Anderson has released the following statement in response to the Governor’s Budget and State of the State Address:

“There is no doubt our state has a spending problem and today’s budget address reflects that as we head down a dangerous path.

“Republicans have been warning the Governor and the Majority Party that the federal COVID money would dry up, well, here we are. We are on the brink of a recession, yet the Governor introduced a plan that increases permanent spending by $3 billion.

“Mark my words, the Governor is setting Illinoisans up for a massive tax increase in the near future. We will not be able to keep up with this outrageous spending spree. Families in Illinois are already one of the highest taxed individuals in the nation, we can’t withstand any more tax increases.

“While I do appreciate the prioritization of funding for Illinois State Police included in the governor’s proposal, we must also not forget to fund downstate fire, police, EMS, and dispatchers that are so vital to our communities.”

Neil Anderson

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