Sen. Neil Anderson to serve on seven Senate committees

Lead Republican on Executive and Assignments committees

State Senator Neil Anderson has been appointed to serve on seven different Senate committees for the 103rd General Assembly and will serve as the Minority Spokesperson on three of those.

“Committees are an important part of the government process and a way for us as legislators to hear more about legislation, interact with bill sponsors, and ask questions of both proponents and opponents of the bill before us,” said Senator Anderson.

Senator Anderson will serve as the Minority Spokesperson on the Executive, Assignments, and Special Committee on Pensions.

“As the spokesperson on these committees, I will give Republicans a voice at the table and advocate not only for the best interests of my district, but what the Senate Republican Caucus believes is best for constituents across the state as a whole.”

The Senate Executive Committee is a very influential committee as it takes up some of the most critical and controversial pieces of legislation the Senate acts upon. The Committee on Assignments refers bills to the appropriate committee based on the subject matter.

Sen. Anderson will also serve on the Agriculture, Energy and Public Utilities, Health and Human Services, and Appropriations-Public Safety & Infrastructure Committees.

Along with his committee roles, Senator Anderson was appointed to serve as the Caucus Chair for the 103rd General Assembly. This leadership responsibility of Caucus Chair is to help lead caucus meetings, develop policies and strategies for members of the caucus, and lead legislative efforts.

Neil Anderson

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