Sen. Anderson and Meridian distribute 100 hams/turkeys to area church organizations

State Senator Neil Anderson (R-Andalusia) and Meridian Illinois Managed Care Plans teamed up with the Quad Cities Area Baptist Association Sunday to hand out 100 turkeys and hams to those in need this Thanksgiving season.

“The holidays are a time where our loved ones should be able to gather and not worry about putting food on the table,” said Sen. Anderson. “With the cost of food rising this year, 100 families will now have the option for a turkey or ham this Thanksgiving due to this valuable collaboration.”

The Quad Cities Area Baptist Association has identified a need to distribute the hams and turkeys to ten different churches and faith-based organizations where area senior citizens and vulnerable community members will receive the free meat.

“I want to thank both Senator Anderson and Meridian officials for organizing this event,” said Jon Sedgwick, Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, Coal Valley. “It is partnerships like these where we can come together for the greater good of the community and give back especially during the holiday season. These hams and turkeys assure families associated with the Quad Cities Area Baptist Association will have food on the table for the Thanksgiving holiday.”

The free ham and turkey giveaways are a statewide initiative by Meridian Illinois Managed Care Plans during the week of Thanksgiving.

Neil Anderson

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