Sen. Anderson opposes Senate passage to repeal Parental Notice of Abortion Act

State Senator Neil Anderson has released the following statement after the Senate passage of floor amendment 1 to House Bill 370 which repeals the Parental Notice of Abortion Act:

“As a parent, we have a responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of our children. The Majority party has made it clear that parents across this state don’t matter in their child’s life by repealing the Parental Notice of Abortion Act.

“A parent should be involved in any medical decision or treatment their young child must undergo. Taking away this notification process is a direct attack on our fundamental rights as parents and will have major consequences in the future.

“We have passed numerous laws that take into account that minors are still learning, growing, and developing the capacity to make mature decisions and exercise good judgement. Simply put, this repeal is totally and completely illogical.”

Neil Anderson

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