Sen. Anderson to take leadership role on Senate committees

State Senator Neil Anderson has been appointed to serve as the Minority Spokesperson for the Senate’s Licensed Activities and Public Safety Committees for the 102nd General Assembly.

As the top Republican on these committees, Sen. Anderson will play a large role in overseeing legislation that sets licensing standards for professionals and promotes the safety of Illinoisans and their communities.

“I look forward to serving on these committees and working with my colleagues to address the issues facing our constituencies,” said Sen. Anderson. “As the previous Minority Spokesperson on the Senate’s Licensed Activities Committee, I will continue to advocate for measures that ensure people are meeting the appropriate standards to be a licensed professional. Additionally, I’m ready and willing to tackle the issues that come forward in the Senate’s new Public Safety Committee to ensure the well-being of Illinois residents.”

Sen. Anderson has also been appointed to serve as a member of the Senate’s Commerce, Criminal Law, Energy & Public Utilities and Transportation Committees.

Neil Anderson

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