Virtual Memorial Day Wall of Remembrance

Memorial Day is a day to remember the lives of the brave men and women who answered the call of duty to serve their country and ultimately gave their lives. So many Americans and Illinoisans made sacrifices to provide us the freedoms we have today. Today is a time to remember the hero who made our freedom possible. 

Each year, the Illinois Senate Republicans puts up a Wall of Remembrance in the Illinois State Capitol. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t hold our usual dedication in the Capitol, so we decided to bring it to you virtually.

This year’s virtual Wall of Remembrance has names of all Illinoisans who died in defense of our country while serving in the military along with photographs, personal stories, and tributes for all to see. If you are looking for a specific name, please see the directory at the end of the video.

Please take a moment today to watch the virtual Wall of Remembrance – a tribute to Illinois’ fallen heroes. Remember to keep their legacies alive. Say their names, tell their stories, and never forget.

Neil Anderson

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