Anderson hosts “My Inspirational Teacher” Essay Contest winners in Springfield

State Sen. Neil Anderson hosted the winners of his “My Inspirational Teacher” Essay Contest at the Capitol on Thursday, May 23.

Students across the 36th Senate District were asked to write an essay about a teacher who has inspired them in a meaningful way. Five students were chosen as this year’s winners, and four of them made the trip to the Capitol to be honored along with the teachers they highlighted in their essays.

“This is my first year offering this essay contest to high school students across my district and I was thrilled with the participation we received,” said Sen. Anderson. “It’s so important to not only recognize students for their excellent writing skills, but also the teachers who inspire and have a huge impact on these students’ young minds.”

Students, along with their families and teachers, spent the day talking with Sen. Anderson on the Senate Floor, touring the Illinois State Capitol, and watching legislative action from the Senate Gallery.

Contest winners were selected by a panel of educational leaders who evaluated the essays based on persuasiveness, correct spelling and grammar, and adherence to contest instructions.

Essay contest winners included:

Katelyn M. Oleson
Riverdale High School, 10th Grade
Teacher:  Mr. Jim Campbell, Chemistry and Physics

Elizabeth Johnson
Rockridge High School, 11th Grade
Teacher:  Mr. Jay Bizarri, English

Brandi LaFountaine
United Township High School, 12th Grade
Teacher:  Mrs. Austin, Biology

Morgan Carter
United Township High School, 10th Grade
Teacher:  Mr. Paul Holland, English

Robert Deuth
United Township High School, 12th Grade
Teacher:  Mr. Kevin Marner, Special Education

The winning essays can be read here.

From left to right: Kathy Mitton (Grandmother), Tara Oleson (Mother), Erick Oleson (Father), Katelyn Oleson (contest winner), Sen. Anderson, Cindy Oleson (Grandmother), Jim Campbell (Teacher), Leon Oleson (Grandfather)

From left to right: Angie Johnson (Mother), Elizabeth Johnson (contest winner), Sen. Anderson, Jay Bizarri (Teacher)

From left to right: Becky Holland (Paul Holland’s wife), Paul Holland (Teacher), Sen. Anderson, Morgan Carter (contest winner), Matt Carter (Father), Madison Carter (Sister and participant)

Robert Deuth (contest winner), Sen. Anderson, Kevin Marner (Teacher), Andrea Marner (Kevin Marner’s wife)

Neil Anderson

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