Veto session preview

Dozens of bills will be up for debate and discussion when the scheduled fall “veto session” begins Nov. 13. Members of the General Assembly will return to Springfield to either accept or override measures vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner earlier this year.

Consideration can be given to a number of bills vetoed by the Governor over the course of spring legislative session. If an attempt is made to override a vetoed measure, three-fifths of the members in each legislative chamber must vote to override the Governor’s action. If a supermajority in both the Senate and the House support the override, the bill then becomes law.

Veto session is also a time when lawmakers can take action on recently introduced or amended legislation, including a proposed measure that would protect air quality by denying renewed permits for companies found to be emitting ethylene oxide that exceed state and federal levels, a bill that would strengthen “Failure to Appear” laws, and a measure that would target and report suspected financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

Neil Anderson

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