Sen. Anderson: Illinois needs reforms

Springfield, IL – State Sen. Neil Anderson issued the following reaction in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State Address Jan. 31.

“Illinois continues to lag in job creation, there are more people moving out than moving in, and the opportunities and financial stability still isn’t where it needs to be. We can change that through reforms that will help Illinois grow economically, create jobs, lowering the tax burden for families, and changing the culture in Springfield through term limits. Our state and its people have tremendous talents and resources – but we won’t be able to fully tap into that until state government offers the help Illinois truly needs.

“Both parties have proven they can work together to solve problems. This includes helping farmers, helping flood victims, and saving thousands of jobs by keeping nuclear power as the backbone of our energy supply. The state’s other critical issues will require solutions that have everyone involved.”  

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