Anderson statement on Senate Bill 1 override vote

Following the Illinois Senate’s vote to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1, State Senator Neil Anderson (Andalusia) offered the following comments.

“This bill was held for 60 days before it was sent to the Governor. There’s no reason we should be dealing with this now, when we could have taken care of it in June. Senate Bill 1, in its original form, is not the answer to our education funding problems. A bill that bails out Chicago, at the expense of children in the rest of the state is not the answer. There is nothing fair or equitable about sending 67 percent of new funding to Chicago where only 19 percent of students in Illinois are educated. The 36th Senate District shouldn’t settle for table scraps when steak is an option,” said Anderson.

“Our job is not finished. The veto override on Senate Bill 1 still has to be voted on in the House where its future remains uncertain. We must continue to push for bipartisan, good-faith negotiations to provide schools throughout Illinois with the best funding possible.”


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