Anderson passes bill to repeal unnecessary regulation and save taxpayer dollars

State Sen. Neil Anderson (Andalusia) has passed legislation in the Illinois Senate that would repeal unnecessary regulations, and save taxpayer dollars.

“The Specialty Farm Product Buyers Act is unnecessary, costs time and money for the Illinois Department of Agriculture to administer, and generates almost no money for the state,” said Anderson. “Any time we can pass legislation that supports our agricultural community, it’s a win, but it’s even better when we can support Illinois Agriculture and save money for taxpayers.”

The Specialty Farm Product Buyers Act would be repealed by Senate Bill 2070, sponsored by Senator Anderson. Under current state law, the Act requires that no person shall engage in business as a specialty farm product buyer in Illinois without being registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA). Registration fees are $100.00.

Currently, the Specialty Farm Product Buyers Act only affects four known buyers, generating a mere $400.00 for the state in registration fees, but the Department has to expend resources to administer it. The Department of Agriculture believes that the Act is an unnecessary regulation, and that repealing it would create a cost savings for the Department and, ultimately, for taxpayers.

Anderson’s legislation passed unanimously in the Illinois Senate. Senate Bill 2070 will now head to the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration.

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