Anderson passes bill to help provide mental health care to bi-state area

“When a family member, or a friend, is suffering from mental health issues, especially those that might warrant involuntary admission to a treatment facility, you want to ensure they have access to the best care possible,” said Anderson.

Anderson Statement on Income Tax Hike Vote

“We cannot keep asking taxpayers to foot the bill for bad decisions made by reckless, irresponsible career politicians who refuse to change the way they do business,” said Anderson. “I voted against this legislation, and urge my colleagues in the House to do the same.”

Measure allowing for permanent term limits for legislative leaders moves

The Illinois Senate has advanced a constitutional amendment (Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 2) that would permanently create leadership term limits, limiting the terms to five General Assemblies (10 years) for the Illinois Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, House Minority Leader and Senate Minority Leader.

Senate takes action on budget and reform package

The Illinois Senate began voting on a number of budget and reform measures this week that are part of the “Grand Bargain” budget plan, which has been in the works for months by Senate members on both sides of the aisle. The goal of the “Grand Bargain” is to create a bipartisan solution to the ongoing budget impasse in order to provide Illinois with a balanced budget along with structural reforms to help create jobs and boost the economy.

Work Continues on Property Tax Reform

One of the key issues Senate Republicans remain committed to seeing through to fruition is the issue of meaningful property tax relief.

Anderson gives students hands-on experience learning about state government

Nearly 30 high school students traveled to Springfield May 3 for a hands-on experience in the Illinois General Assembly as part of the spring portion of a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) hosted by State Sen. Neil Anderson (Andalusia).

Anderson passes bill to repeal unnecessary regulation and save taxpayer dollars

State Sen. Neil Anderson (Andalusia) has passed legislation in the Illinois Senate that would repeal unnecessary regulations, and save taxpayer dollars.

Anderson speaks out against unnecessary regulation

Recently, Sen. Neil Anderson spoke out against a bill that would place unnecessary, unhelpful regulations on our second amendment rights.IL needs real solutions to tackle the problem of gun violence in Illinois, but according to Anderson, more regulation is not the answer.

Helping DCFS investigate child abuse

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) would be allowed to access certain prescription drug records of families with children in custody, under legislation passed by the Senate April 26. The goal is a more thorough investigation into cases of child abuse and neglect especially when opioid use and abuse could be a factor.

Ensuring property tax relief for disabled veterans during a move

Disabled veterans who qualified for the Disabled Veterans Standard Homestead Exemption for their previous home would qualify for a pro-rated exemption for their new home when they move, under legislation passed by the Senate April 26.

School funding reform proposal shows good results

Legislation that would fund Illinois schools in a more equitable way show good results for school districts under a simulation by the ISBE, which forecasts that school districts across the state would receive either the same amount of funding they are receiving now or more under the legislation.

Anderson passes bill to aid farmers during harvest emergency

Illinois farmers will be given additional latitude to harvest crops in an effective and efficient way during a declared harvest emergency, under legislation sponsored by State Sen. Neil Anderson (Andalusia), and passed by the Illinois Senate on April 27.

Anderson hunting bill passes Illinois Senate

Hunters may be provided with additional tools to help control coyote overpopulation thanks to legislation sponsored by State Sen. Neil Anderson (Andalusia) and approved by the Illinois Senate April 26.

Senate seeks to protect abuse victims

Seeking to give victims of child abuse additional time to report the crime, the Senate advanced legislation March 29 that would eliminate the statute of limitations on certain sexual abuse crimes against a minor.

Anderson says no budget, no pay for lawmakers

Following a recent court ruling that put legislator paychecks ahead of other outstanding financial obligations, Senator Neil Anderson (Andalusia) has co-sponsored legislation that would provide greater flexibility to place priorities, like funding for hospitals, human services, and universities, ahead of legislator and constitutional officer pay.