Wall Street’s Not in the Mood

On July 5, the day before the Illinois House voted to override the Governor’s veto, Moody’s announced they were continuing to review the state's current Baa3 level for a possible downgrade despite "legislative progress toward a fiscal recovery plan based on permanent income tax rate increases." Of particular note, Moody’s states that the plan “appears to lack concrete measures that will materially improve Illinois’ long-term capacity to address its unfunded pension liabilities.”

At What Cost?

The state's personal income tax rate, which goes into effect retroactive to July 1, will increase from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent, and the corporate income tax rate would increase from 5.25 percent to 7 percent. How will these increases affect Illinoisans? Read more to find out

Anderson Statement on Tax Hike Vote

Today, I voted against a piece of legislation that would permanently increase the income tax for people in this state. It is irresponsible to pass legislation like this without first putting in place real reforms to the way our state operates. The people deserve better.

Anderson Statement on Radogno

“As a new member, without political experience, I had a lot to learn when I became a state senator and Leader Radogno’s door was always open to guide me as I settled into the job. As the 36th District faced significant challenges, Leader Radogno’s leadership, guidance, and hard work helped pass legislation that saved more than 800 jobs in our area. I, and the entire 36th District owe her a great debt of gratitude,” said Anderson. “For me, Leader Radogno has been an invaluable resource and mentor

Anderson Statement on Special Session

“Since we adjourned on May 31, I have said that we need to get back to work as soon as possible. While touring my district and talking to constituents over the last two weeks, it’s clear that they are tired of partisanship, and want a real, balanced state budget,” said Sen. Neil Anderson. “I’m sorry it had to come to a special session, but I appreciate the Governor calling us back to Springfield next week and I am fully prepared to get to work and get the job done.”

Anderson, McCombie to Host Sterling Senior Fair June 27

State Sen. Neil Anderson (Rock Island), and State Rep. Tony McCombie (Savanna) will host a free Senior Health Fair from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. June 27 at Challand Middle School, 1700 6th Ave in Sterling.

“End” of session déjà vu

It was déjà vu at the Illinois State Capitol on May 31 as the General Assembly adjourned once again without passing a truly balanced budget or some of the critical structural reforms needed to bring jobs and financial stability back to the state. While Senate Republicans had made real attempts this spring to engage in bipartisan negotiations with Democrats on a truly balanced budget and reforms, the Legislature adjourned without completing that work.

Republicans highlight inequity in newest Democrat school plan

Republican lawmakers continue to advocate for meaningful education funding reform, saying a newly amended Democrat school funding plan pushed through the Senate in the final hours of the regularly scheduled spring legislative session is based on flawed, misleading data that disguises a massive bailout for Chicago’s school system at the expense of every other district in the state.

Business groups say spring session was bad for job-growth

As the regularly scheduled spring legislative session came to a close on May 31, a number of pro-business groups labeled it “one of the worst for employers,” citing a number of anti-employer and anti-job growth measures that cleared the Legislature this year, as well as a lack of progress on major reforms like workers’ compensation reform and property tax relief.

Anderson on End of Session

Senator Neil Anderson (Andalusia) offered the following comments as the Illinois Senate adjourned on the last scheduled day of the spring legislative session

Anderson passes bill to help provide mental health care to bi-state area

“When a family member, or a friend, is suffering from mental health issues, especially those that might warrant involuntary admission to a treatment facility, you want to ensure they have access to the best care possible,” said Anderson.

Anderson Statement on Income Tax Hike Vote

“We cannot keep asking taxpayers to foot the bill for bad decisions made by reckless, irresponsible career politicians who refuse to change the way they do business,” said Anderson. “I voted against this legislation, and urge my colleagues in the House to do the same.”

Measure allowing for permanent term limits for legislative leaders moves

The Illinois Senate has advanced a constitutional amendment (Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 2) that would permanently create leadership term limits, limiting the terms to five General Assemblies (10 years) for the Illinois Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, House Minority Leader and Senate Minority Leader.

Senate takes action on budget and reform package

The Illinois Senate began voting on a number of budget and reform measures this week that are part of the “Grand Bargain” budget plan, which has been in the works for months by Senate members on both sides of the aisle. The goal of the “Grand Bargain” is to create a bipartisan solution to the ongoing budget impasse in order to provide Illinois with a balanced budget along with structural reforms to help create jobs and boost the economy.

Work Continues on Property Tax Reform

One of the key issues Senate Republicans remain committed to seeing through to fruition is the issue of meaningful property tax relief.